The Weird Things Runners Do – EPISODE #50

weird things runners do

Taping nipples. Knowing where to find all the best public bathrooms. Wearing medals.

Runners do have some quirks but can any of this behavior be classified as “weird”?

In this special episode, Chris and Gina review a recent list published on Runner’s World that lists 30 weird things runners do as compared to other athletes and just regular people. “Quirks that make pretty much every runner unique compared to other fitness enthusiasts,” writes the publication.

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Chris and Gina review the list and discuss which behaviors, quirks, ticks, and superstitions do seem a bit weird and which sound completely normal, even to just a casual runner.

The hosts even admit to their own weird running quirks and habits on rest days, during training, and on race days.

Plus, Gina’s dog Pico makes a fun appearance towards the end of the show to make sure nothing goes smoothly for mom.

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EPISODE #50: The Weird Things Runners Do

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