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I Added Sprints To My 10K Training And So Far, So Good

Sprints Workout

I ditched the 10K training plan. It just wasn’t working with my schedule.

I should have come to this realization before even attempting to stick to a schedule because…

1) I hate sticking to schedules and

2) many of the longer training runs fell on weekends when I have my kids and no one to watch them while I run around the neighborhood for 9 miles.

Another reason for discarding the 10K training plan was because I didn’t feel like any of the workouts were specifically designed to help me get faster.

Yes, some days called for running faster than my average times in a mile, but none of the training days left me with a feeling that I really put in maximum effort.

Maybe that’s because I wasn’t putting in maximum effort.

The benefits of sprinting are numerous, besides just the cardio benefits, so incorporated a sprint day into my 10K training.

I walked 2 miles to a turf soccer field, stretched, warmed up with light running from one end of the field to the other, then ran 10 full-out sprints from the goal line to the halfway line (60 yards).

And I made sure I didn’t cheat by slowing up before crossing the halfway line. I ran full sprint from line to line and didn’t slow down until passing the finish.

The tenth sprint gassed me. I stretched again and walked the 2 miles back to my house.

Here’s where the sprinting really helped – the next day called for 4 “easy” miles. My first mile felt as though I was jogging through molasses. I felt so damn slow.

Have you ever run so slow that you’re afraid to look at your time because it will be so embarrassing? I felt that damn slow.

I fought the urge to check my pace and impatiently waited for the automated voice to tell me what I already knew – I sucked.

My first mile was 8:38, my usual pace before I started training for the 10K. My old pace nows seems sluggish.

Sprinting worked. At least the first attempt.

Easy Day


This weekend, Gina and I are participating in an all-day track event.

I’m going to take a shot at equaling my 10K record to see how far away I am from hitting my goal on May 4th.

Hopefully, I feel slow as hell.

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