Ultrarunning Power Couple Sabrina Stanley + Avery Collins On Training To Be #1 & The Benefits Of Cannabis – EPISODE #43

Avery Collins and Sabrina Stanley Interview 2

Avery Collins and Sabrina Stanley are the power couple of ultrarunning for a reason – and not just because the name is catchy and helpful when promoting their coaching business – Power Couple Coaching.

Their accomplishments in ultra running are legit.

Since his rookie season in 2012, Avery has dedicated his life to being the top runner in his sport.

In 2017, he won every race he entered, including the Georgia Death Race, Quest for the Crest 50k, Hahn’s Peak Hill Climb, Continental Divide Trail Run 50k, and Grindstone 100 Miler and finished 6th at Western States.

In 2019, Avery set a course record at Quest for the Crest 50k, he won the Fatdog 120-miler, and finished 3rd at Trail de Bourbon as the highest placing American male ever).

Ultrarunner Magazine named Sabrina the 8th best American Female in 2018 and ranked her 5th in 2019. She’s finished first female at the last 11-ultras she’s entered. In 2018, Sabrina won Hardrock 100. The following year, she won HURT 100 and recently became the first American (male or female) to win Diagonal Des Fous.

It will become obvious early in this interview that Sabrina won’t be happy until she’s ranked number 1, and we don’t doubt her for a second.

In this episode, we talk to Sabrina and Avery about their goals to be the top ultra runners in the world. The couple recalls the horrific car crash that left Avery unable to race for six months, his painful rehab and struggle with the possibility that he might never run again.

Sabrina shares her mental approach to the sport and striving to be the best and the ultra running community frowning upon runners who outwardly express a desire to win every time they step foot on a trail.

And finally, we talk about weed. I mean, there’s a reason Avery’s Instagram handle is @runninhigh. Avery shares his thoughts on cannabis and CBD and their use for running, training, and recovery.


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