Natosha Rogers On Injuries, Harmful Self-Talk & Manifesting Results – EPISODE #56

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This week, we’re talking to professional long-distance runner and the 2020 USATF Athlete of the Year, Natosha Rogers.

Natosha was a 2020 Cross Country National Champion, 2012 Olympic Trials Silver Medalist, and former Half Marathon National Champion.

In her recent bid to make the US Olympic team, she placed 7th at the Olympic Trials in the 10k.

While not making the Olympic team is a setback, it’s nothing compared to the other obstacles life has put in Natosha Rogers’ way over the years.

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Just over three years ago, the 30-year-old thought her running career was over.

After a knee injury came out of nowhere, and surgery left her barely able to walk, she lost her and had to get a job in tech sales to pay the bills.

She temporarily gave up on her dream of competing professionally until those setbacks helped Rogers discover an inner strength that helped pull her through even the darkest times.

In this interview, Natosha talks about her injuries, the power of mantras and manifesting, getting into some dark moments, and her climb back to being a professional runner.

EPISODE #56: Natosha Rogers

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