Michelle Baxter On Running In Extreme Elements + Following Training Plans – EPISODE #46

Michelle Baxter Runners Plate

Michelle Baxter started training to run a mile at the age of 10 and her love of running has never wavered.

Born in Waseca, Minnesota, fate and family moved her to Anchorage, Alaska to run through some of the most treacherous running conditions on a daily basis. Some runners won’t step foot outside to run in the cold weather but Michelle really has no choice.

When Baxter isn’t coaching others on running or working in her local running store, she’s putting in the miles on Alaskan roads, sometimes in the pitch dark.

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“We can sometimes lose up to 30 minutes of daylight just in one week,” Baxter told us during the interview. These long battles with the darkness don’t just make running more difficult but the constantly gloomy condition takes a toll on a person’s demeanor.

Michelle’s love of running and running gear led her to launch a website and IG account (@therunnersplate) – both called “The Runner’s Plate” – where she chronicles her life as a cold-weather runner, coach, and mom.

In this episode, Michelle talks to us about life in “The Last Frontier”, running while pregnant, her quest for the sub-3 hour marathon, battling the elements and the darkness, and the fun of buying new running gear.


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