Kevin Owens On Being ‘Overseas Famous’ & Life After Sports – EPISODE #60

Kevin Owens Interview "Overseas Famous"

My guest this week is author, podcaster, and former NBA G-league star Kevin Owens.

Kevin is a former Division I basketball player and the author of the book “Overseas Famous: The Travels and Tribulations of a Basketball Globetrotter,” where he chronicles his life playing professional basketball in different countries and then coming home only to have to rebuild his life over again.

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Owens’ professional career is far from ordinary.

Starting his basketball career as a senior in high school and not attending a nationally ranked collegiate program, Owens still found himself traveling across four continents, enduring the hustle of the game and the erratic lifestyle of an athlete.

While Kevin isn’t the typical runner that I have on the show – though we do talk about his reasons for not running as much – everyone will get something out of this interview because of the life transition Kevin had to make when his playing days are over.

In this interview, Kevin talks about his training regime during his playing days and now, why he doesn’t (or can’t) run as much, his life overseas, and coming home to start his life over again.

EPISODE #60: Kevin Owens

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