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I Broke A PR While Being An Awful Person

Chris This Is The Race Medal

I’ve procrastinated with writing this post for a week, which sounds odd considering I hit my goal to break my 10K PR.

My previous 10K best was 7:50 pace.

My pace for this 10K was 7:56.

I finished third in my division and seventh overall in the May the 4th “This Is The Race” virtual run.

Here are the highlights from that day.

I think my trepidation with writing this story is the overwhelming feeling that while I hit a personal best, I wasn’t exactly my best that day as a person.

At the end of the race, I essentially quit on myself and Gina. I lost my composure when asking how much distance was left in the run because my brain kept thinking “time” so my mouth kept saying “how much time?” instead of “how much farther to go?”

When I wasn’t getting the answer I wanted, I even threatened to stop running. This shouldn’t be shocking considering I also quit the program right in the middle of training.

I got mad at another person when really, the only person I could be mad at was the one in my sneakers.

Those were all just excuses because I didn’t want to run anymore.

And what happened when I was done? I got pissed at myself for not gutting it out the last half mile and really crushing my PR.

I have a lot of work to do to be a better runner, but I also need to work on being a better person and a better friend.


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