Dan LaMorte On Making People Laugh + Running Off 171 Pounds – EPISODE #55

Dan LaMorte Weight Loss Runn

At 23 years old, comedian Dan LaMorte found himself in a hospital bed suffering from a fatty liver and tipping the scales at over 354 pounds.

Besides the liver issues, Dan also had gastrointestinal issues. Celiac disease was a possibility, and even though the tests came back inconclusive, the New Jersey native decided to cut gluten from his diet.

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Dan saw results quickly and after shedding some pounds decided to take up running.

With the pandemic shutting comedy clubs across the country, Dan had plenty of time to focus on his running.

Eventually, his short runs became longer distances, putting in 20 and then 30 miles a week.

And then one day, Dan ran an ultramarathon.

Dan ran his first ultramarathon on March 27th, 2021, a 40-mile race around the Blue Marsh Lake trails in Leesport, Pennsylvania. He plans to run another in the next few months.

In this episode, Dan talks about his early days playing baseball and blowing out his arm, getting into stand-up comedy, putting on and eventually losing 171 pounds, and using weed as a pre-workout.

EPISODE #55: Dan LaMorte

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