Peloton Instructor Christine D’Ercole On Body Types & The Power Of Self-Talk – EPISODE #48

Christine D’Ercole Peloton Interview

A decorated competitive cyclist, Christine D’Ercole is an instructor at Peloton & classes teach the science of cycling & the power of words.



Christine D’Ercole has lived many lives.

After her original dream of becoming a ballerina was crushed because her legs and thighs were labeled “too big”, she turned her focus towards acting.

Unfortunately, her legs were again taking center stage.

Christine attended a performing arts high school and then Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

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One day, she accidentally stumbled upon a personal file that included paragraphs of positive notes but at the bottom of the page was the comment “a little heavy in the thigh.”

Christine refused to let her body type stop her from pursuing her dream so she continued auditioning after college and worked as a bike messenger. It was during this time that Christine that her legs and thighs were an attribute as she regularly outraced her co-workers and took big hills with little effort.

A few of her colleagues were also racing cyclists who introduced Christine to the sport. Before long, she was racing competitively, had sponsorship deals, and traveled across the US racing against Olympians and world champions.

A decorated competitive track cyclist, Masters World Champion and five-time National Champion, Christine is now a Senior Instructor at Peloton, and her classes are grounded in the science of cycling and the power of words.

In this episode, Christine discusses her early setbacks with body image, finding her passion for cycling, the nerve-racking anxiety that comes with riding a bike through the streets of a major city, becoming a Masters World Champion, and returning to the sport after a long hiatus.

EPISODE #48: Christine D’Ercole

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