Bethany Davis On Marathon Training, Motherhood, & Living A Humble But Confident Life – EPISODE #44

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Bethany Davis is a busy mom of five, a business owner, competitive marathon runner, and online fitness coach.

As a kid, she pursued a career in equestrian vaulting. For those unfamiliar, the simplest way to explain the sport is “gymnastics while riding a horse.”

The sport takes extreme upper body strength, intense focus, hours of practice, and patience since the entire performance hinges on a sometimes unwilling participant – a damn horse.

Bethany traveled the country as an equestrian vaulter and even competed at the World Equestrian Games.

After retiring from the sport and starting a family, Bethany still looked for ways to stay in shape and remain competitive. She gravitated to CrossFit.

When her oldest son developed a case of social anxiety every time the new mom dropped him off at the daycare inside the gym, the California native needed to find a new way to exercise.

With a degree in applied exercise science and her fitness, and her CrossFit background, Bethany started holding mom-and-child fitness classes at a park near her house. The group quickly grew in size, and the experience prompted Bethany to begin offering personal training, and the Be Fit Davis brand was born.

Bethany eventually followed trends and shifted her focus to expanding the personal training business with the help of social media. She now has over 22K followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel devoted to exercise and fitness routines.

In this episode, we talk to Bethany about her transition from horses to helping others, her marathon training and CrossFit routines, her husband’s on-and-off love of exercise, being a busy mom of five, and running the most grueling marathon of her life.


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