Bernd Heinrich on ‘Racing The Clock’ & the Running Life – EPISODE #58

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Running is often thought of as a young person’s sport, but at the age of 39, Bernd Heinrich won his first marathon, as a complete unknown.

It was only the third marathon he had ever run and his first in five years.

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Since then, the now 81-year-old has done everything from holding American records in four different distances – and the world records for those same distances in the master’s category – at age 45, to outrunning a spitting cobra on the African plains.

Bernd joined the show to talk about running and his new book – Racing The Clock – an in-depth look at running, aging, and the body, exploring the unresolved relationship between metabolism, diet, exercise, and age.

Heinrich believes, “Our running concerns morphology, physiology, behavior, ecology, and evolution. We are not just close to nature, we are a part of it as much as any mammal, bird, or insect.”


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