Amanda Brooks On Embracing Being A ‘Middle-of-the-Pack’ Runner – EPISODE #51


Amanda Brooks wants people to be content with being a “middle of the pack” runner.

She created her website – “Run To The Finish” – back in 2007 as a place to support those middle-of-the-pack runners and help them enjoy running regardless of the time on their watches.

Initially, she started the website as a way to connect with other runners, but over the years, her Journalism degree kicked in, and she “wanted to really KNOW more about running.”

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Amanda is now a certified running coach, certified personal trainer and logged over 26,000 miles of running experience.

Amanda feels running is about so much more than just pace and PRs.

She also knows people don’t have the time or energy to keep up on all the latest research on running, so she does all of the work for her readers on the “Run To The Finish” website.

She’s written over 200 researched articles on “Run To The Finish” in the last ten years on recovery, injuries, strength training, and even reviews of new gear and products.

In this episode, Amanda discusses imposter syndrome and runners, recovery runs, her transition from just a runner to a coach, and the importance of strength training.

Amanda also discusses her work with women and training during menstrual cycles.

EPISODE #51: Amanda Brooks of “Run To The Finish”

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