Alex Jade On Being A Two-Sport Athlete, Female Empowerment + Everyone Having A Bikini Body – EPISODE #42

Alex Jade Bikini Fit Club

Alex Jade is a classic example of what happens when you judge a book by its cover.

A quick scroll through her popular Instagram feed – @bikinifitclub – and it’s easy to make the assumption that the Newport Beach, California native is just another attractive millennial living in – and working out in – the California sunshine.

While it’s true that Alex is a SoCal beach babe at heart – she’ll even admit it – she’s more than just another pretty face on social media.

With a BS in Kinesiology and an MS in Sports Management, Alex has worked behind the scenes for a popular magazine, an NFL franchise, and alongside a leader in the world of sports marketing.

Alex grew up participating in endurance sports; swimming and running. She lettered in track, cross-country, and swimming in high school and participated in several triathlons. In her Junior year of high school, Alex won the Pacific Coast Triathlon.

Growing up Alex was always thumbing through fitness magazines like Shape and Women’s Health, where her inspiration for strong, healthy women stemmed from and had the opportunity to model and promote fitness and workouts for Seventeen Magazine.

After the photoshoot, she talked about her amazing experience with her dad, and Bikini Fit Club was born. Alex wanted to create a California surfer girl brand centered on fitness, wellness, beauty, and female empowerment.

Her goal, to create a community or “club” based on the foundation of inclusivity and girl power.

“Everyone has a body, therefore, everyone has a bikini body,” explains Alex.

Alex is now a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and HIIT instructor. In this interview, Alex discusses her life growing up as a two-sport athlete, her willingness to try new things, finding inspiration and motivation in her DMs, being comfortable with your body, and getting comfortable with doing the uncomfortable.


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