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Chris Illuminati is an author, podcast host, runner, and father.

OK, enough third-person stuff.

I’m the author of five books and my writing has appeared on a variety of sources and in front of millions of eyeballs, including, Rolling Stone, Fatherly, AskMen, Men’s Health, Cosmo, and Maxim.

I like to run. Sometimes I’m good at it.

I like to talk to runners. I’m usually pretty good at it.

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“I’m thankful to have had a chance to share my story and hope it inspires other runners listening in to take risks and chase after their dreams” – Rachel Belmont, ultra runner.

“First of all, I thank you for the privilege of having me on. I had no idea what to expect, so of course, I had no idea what I’d be saying. That could be stressful, but Chris put me at ease because he had direct simple questions and comments that left a lot of space, it was fun — I didn’t have to worry about having to give a speech etc. I’d do it again any time.” – Bernd Heinrich, author and runner


Gina is a serious runner who eats healthy. Chris isn’t serious about anything.

We Run This is a show about running & fitness life.


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I’m Gina! I’m a nutrition student and dietetic intern at Rowan University. I’m on my way to becoming a registered dietitian and I’m passionate about teaching athletes of all skill levels to fuel their bodies properly.

When I’m not running or experimenting in the kitchen, I can be found singing along to Taylor Swift or binge-watching Giada De Laurentiis shows.

I’m a 6x marathoner – including the Boston Marathon in 2019 – and plan to do many more once the world goes back to normal. Whenever the heck that happens.

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