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I Still Hate Running In The Rain But I’m Learning To Deal With It

running in the rain

Following the training schedule for my upcoming attempt at breaking my personal best in the 10K, Sunday called for an 8-mile run.

The weather called for rain from sunrise to sunset.

I seriously considered putting in the work on a treadmill until Gina yelled at me for even letting the thought cross my mind.

I ran outside, and I’m glad but wasn’t happy I did it until it was over. Running makes me happy but rain makes me miserable so they basically cancel each other out.

My splits weren’t awful but I can’t break the habit of starting out fast and lagging in the middle.

I’m kinda like a dog when the backdoor opens. He’s so goddam excited to play in the backyard that’s he’s exhausted after the first few minutes.

I’m so pumped being out for a run that I forget “oh yeah, I have at least an hour of this.”


8 miles

I texted the results to Gina and she replied “we can work with this” which means she’s going to kill me in a workout at some point this week.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent the first few miles on a leash.


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  1. Rain running is the best!

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